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The professional colleagues of the windows and doors of “Angel Star” LLC hereby advice you.

The vacuum windows are the economic technology that has good appearance and loses small amount of heating. On this aspect, there is a high demand in our market, however, the qualities are comparatively different and thus, we give you the following advices in order to help you make the right choice:

Too many small factories of vacuum windows are established in our country and thus, it became difficult to make right choice. The event that the people are privately producing the vacuum windows a lot is helpful for their family lives on the one aspect, but, finally, by producing the poor quality products that do not meet the quality requirements, it is badly or negatively influencing the reputations of other companies. How you, the customer can make the right choice from all of these products? First of all, you should pay attention to the windows that you are choosing – where and what factory made it and whether it was made according to the technological correct procedures. Moreover, it would be better if you make some survey about what customers do they have who purchased the products of that factory. When checking the materials’ quality, you should pay attention to the following things: If the plastic material of vacuum window has bad quality, the color becomes yellowish under the influence of outside temperature during the usage process. Also, due to the too much chemicals included in the composition, the material has some smells and this negatively influences the human health.

As for the locks and hinges, please, choose the good brands. Pay attention to the state that the window glass has any effects. As for the design and shape, it should be opened in standard ways and if it has the frame with the shape of cross, it will not arc. The iron inserted to the main hollows should be a good quality iron. It will keep the heat better if there would be three panes of glasses. If the rubber pressing the window glass does not break-up when it is pulled and has no bad smells, it is good. The most important thing that the attention should be paid to is how the window is installed. The event that the vacuum window gets frosted means that the glass unit has the air inside or it has the installation mistakes. If the straws in glass unit contain good quality rice, it protects from frosting.

Today, it became difficult to distinguish the fake one from the genuine one from the vacuum windows supplied to the market and thus, above all, it is important that you should be served by the highly reputed company that is recognized in the market and refuse from the products of which the origin is not known. If you are going to have the readymade profiles assembled, it would be good if the number of chambers or cameras inside of the materials is 4-6. The materials with chambers less than it have bad quality. You should also take into account what the windowsills must be when choosing the vacuum windows. Today, the PVC sills are dominating in the building construction. These windowsills that don’t damage and crack when transporting, have good appearance, light weighted but strong and cheap suit the vacuum windows very well.

We are very pleased to inform you that the “Angel Star” LLC is the professional company and the best professionals have been manufacturing the windows and doors meeting the standards of Mongolia such as MNS 5802:2007, MNS 5830:2007, and MNS 4753:2011 using the latest equipment and machineries.

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