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The windows and doors are the parts of the building where the heat is lost a lot and thus, it is very important to reduce the heat loss of the windows and doors primarily except insulating the whole building and house. Insulating only the outer walls of the building cannot become efficient measurement.

Therefore, it will have the great efficiency to improve the existing windows designs or replace with the windows that has good insulations. The heat is lost through the:

  1. Gaps in the windows and,

According to the new norms for the windows and doors approved in 2007 (MNS 5802:2007), for instance, the windows with three panes (glasses) should be installed in the buildings to constructed in the 2nd zone of Ulaanbaatar city. Producing such windows has slightly expensive on some aspects and thus, it cannot be introduced to the market widely. But, by taking the following measurements, it is possible to greatly decrease the heat loss through the existing old windows and doors:

  • To seal the gaps and spaces in the windows and doors well enough. As a result, it is possible to reduce the heat loss by at least 5-15%. (changing the window seals with silicone, fastening the flexible padding and sponge tapes, filling the joints between the windows frames and the walls with the polyurethane foam and cotton wool)
  • Install the wind shields and curtains outside the windows and entrance doors;
  • Install the additional windows inside of the existing windows;
  • Make the additional glasses in the existing windows with dual panes or add the third pane; the seals of the windows with dual panes, especially, from inside are made with bad qualities, the humid air of the room penetrates through those seal gaps and frosts the outer glass and furthermore, it is dangerous to wet the wooden articles of the windows.
  • Please, note that the wood absorbed the moisture expands and the mold deforms and thus, it will become difficult to open and close the windows, moreover, the gaps and spaces are created. You should install the water drainage pipe outside the windows. If the improvement of the old windows is complicated and too much expense is going to be incurred, you should renew the windows. Therefore, first, you should estimate whether to repair or change it with the new one. If you decide to install the new window, please, buy the high quality window with the triple panes (with 3 glasses) if possible that meets the standard requirements. (the resistance to heat transfer must be not less than K=0.53 м2°С/Wt); you don’t need to save the money for it.

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