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There are several factors that influence the long term usage and the reliability of plastic windows in whole. The windows consist of the following basic parts:

You will reach the best results if you choose the plastic windows by knowing the suitability and the quality of above parts in details. The glass unit consists of tight parts that contain 2-3 glasses/panes and air between them. The tight part is separated by the special distance holder frames from each other. The distance holder cavity or hollow is filled up with the humidity absorbing beads. Of course, the quality of glasses is very important. This property shall be the basic criteria of plastic windows for insulating the heating and noises. In highly developed countries, the spaces between the glasses are filled with the inertia in order to provide high heat maintaining quality. The plastic windows made with the tight glass units have high technical parameters.

First of all, the plastic windows become a good noise insulator. Depending on the state that windows have one or two insulating parts, the sound and noise insulating property increases by 25-50 db. By using the plastic windows, the heat loss of the room decreases at the certain amount. If the customer can use the plastic windows correctly according to the instruction, in any cold or coldest weather, the window would not condensate or icing. The thickness, length and width, angles, and the coefficient of light penetrating property should conform to the GOST 111: 90 and MNS 4753:1999 standards.

We render the services to replace the damaged and deteriorated, condensation and rainbow colored glass units.

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