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“The Ventilation valve for apartment houses 125” (“VVAH 125”) is a NEW TECHNOLOGY OF VENTILATION FOR APARTMENT HOUSES that was introduced to the Euro-Asian and Siberian countries with harsh weathers in 2003. This is the technology that meets the building construction standard requirements of Russian Federation and thus, it is purposed to install the newly constructed and old buildings.

By installing the “VVAH 125”, it will let the fresh air come to your home by cleaning and filtering it 99.9% by the NANO filter without changing the structure of outside air. There will be no piercing wind and it prevents from the diseases such as radiculitis and pneumonia. It has the advantage for the people with cardiovascular and respiratory tracts to breath by fresh air. It is adapted to the harsh climatic conditions and thus, it is very suitable to install in our country. It has many advantages such as: the windows don’t get condensated; it insulates the noises and heating, filters the flies, mosquitos and dusts and does not use the electricity. The head filter should be washed and cleaned once per month. Should clean the noises and heating insulators by vacuum cleaner once per quarter.

It is required to install the filters in apartments, houses, kindergartens, schools, hospitals, fitness clubs, offices, hotels, pubs, restaurants, karaoke, ground floors, summer cottages, industrial places, shops, and many other public places and the rooms without the windows. You don’t need to open the window, the equipment lets the fresh air get into your home for 24 hours. It doesn’t change the structure of outside air; it filters and cleans by Nano filters 99,9% and let the fresh air come to your home. The guaranteed period of the equipment is 5 years. This is to certify that Sumiya Enkhtaivan works as a construction engineer in the Credit Risk Department and her monthly basic salary is 2,030,000 (two million thirty thousand only) tugrogs. The eco equipment that was qualified as one of the best 100 products of Russian Federation. It doesn’t use the electricity and thus, it is economical. The windows don’t get condensated; it insulates the noises and heating, filters the flies, mosquitos, dusts and smoke. You can install it once and use it for many years. Resistant to the harsh climate.

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