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Glass façade

The glass buildings and façade have many advantages on the aspects of appearance and usage. Today, the buildings and facilities with the architectural designs with glass and mirror finishes decorate the large cities and determining the nice appearances of such cities. Our organization has been contributing its own shares to the nice appearance of Mongolia in this field. The glass unit with the heat insulations installed in the metal frame is tightened air spaces of 18 mm, 16 mm and 14 mm between the panes and fastens the glasses with the thickness of 5-6 mm using the silicone glues on the special machinery. Depending on the specialty of buildings and facilities, you can make your choices from the different types of colors, glass thickness and air spaces. It occupies the small space in the building and it has the light weight and thus, it is suitable for constructing the buildings and facilities and makes the outlook or appearance of the building amazingly nice. The usage of natural light increases and it has the advantage of saving the energy. The special granules put in the straw between the glasses absorbs the humidity arisen in the air and thus, it will not frost. The exterior glass façade is constructed by the materials of Peace Aluminum factory of PRC and the glass covers of the façade are made by 100 percent dried ordinary and mirror glasses. The work execution is conducted in the height and thus, we pay great attention to the safety of our workers.

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