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Fixing the windows

The manufacturing, installing and fixing the windows have very important roles in the quality of windows. The events that the windows lose great amount of heating by the parts that meet the building walls and the side walls become chilled, frosted and condensated or sweated are related to the window fixing. Therefore, we have introduced the plastic interior fixing with the windows’ thermal insulations of the WIN PLAST Company of Russian Federation into our production activity. The advantages of this interior fixing are that the installation period of the windows fixture is short, clean and good appearance, sound proof, easy to clean and surrounding areas of windows have good appearance. The window production, installation, and fixing have very important roles in the windows’ quality.

  1. The foam for mounting. When the foam expands, it fills up all the empty spaces and increases heat insulations.
  2. The section for insulating the steam and water. It protects the window frames from the steams and humidity and conducts the ventilations.
  3. Water insulating tape. The tape protects from the vapor and humidity in the room.
  4. Installation profile. Window sills and water drainages are wholly installed in the installation profile and it becomes a support for the window frame.
  5. Supporting bolsters. This is the profile purposed for installing the window frames with even and flat levels.
  6. It is the flexible and strong material resistant to the ultra-violate rays.

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