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The windows and doors with plastic frames

It is important to clearly understand exactly through what place the heating is lost in order to increase the thermal keeping ability of windows and doors.

The first reason is the glass. The glass has the ability to transmit the heating like all the other materials. Therefore, in order to reduce the heat loss, the number of glasses in the glass unit should be increased first of all. Even starting from the end of last century, people started manufacturing and using the windows with wooden, plastic and aluminum frames and with the 2 and 3 panes of glasses in some of the buildings.

The second reason is the air stream. This problem was solved by creating the tight and sealed glass unit.

The third reason is infra-red rays. It makes up of 60-70% of the heat loss. The heat loss can be solved by covering on of the glass surfaces by special method. Such glasses are called as “Energy saving glasses” and this technology increases the cost of windows and thus, it not yet used in our country. Today, manufacturers of the windows and doors in highly developed countries are using the energy saving cover to reduce the heat loss of the glasses. For instance, there are two types of covers such as:

  1. Making the hard cover in the K-glass.
  2. Making the soft cover in the K-glass.

The hard cover is the first technology to save the energy lost through the glasses. The soft cover is the modern “Nano” technology and compared to the ordinary glass unit, it influences the window price at the certain level. It is a complicated work to install the energy saving glasses in the plastic windows requiring the very special professional skills. Therefore, there are a few companies manufacturing the glasses with the thin layer in the world. These energy saving glasses are just started being used in the windows and doors manufacturers of our country. The main part to which the most of attention should be paid is the glass unit. The glass unit is produced by special technology. The glass units are called as “with single glass”, “dual glasses” and “triple glasses” by the number of glass layers and/or it is called by the professional words as “glass unit with single pane” and “glass unit with dual panes”. By installing these glass units in the window frames, the windows and doors with the properties of insulating the heats and sounds. When manufacturing the glass units with single and dual panes, we use the glass boards with the mark M made with the high quality. The subscribers choose the glass units when they sign the agreement. One of the most important parameters of plastic windows and doors is the cold air proof and the property of keeping the heating. It is expressed or written in type of resistance to the heating transmission of glass units as for the number form.

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