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The “WINDOW MARKET” Store started supplying the high quality equipment and tools that meet the standard requirements to the small and medium sized entrepreneurs and sellers (about 160 companies and individuals in 21 aimags and Ulaanbaatar city) and we have the nice opportunity to cooperate with similar factories. In April 2016, with the purpose to outreach and come closer to the customers, we opened a branch store of building construction materials in “Zugiin Uur” Trade Center in 100-n ail and another one at the “Khash” Trade Center of Darkhan city in May 2017.

Some of the products that the “Window market” store is selling to the customers are as follows:

– The locks with simple openings for windows and doors

– The locks with two openings for windows and doors

– The locks with parallel openings for windows and doors

– The locks with multi locks

– The locks with ball jammer

– The locks with handles

– The locks to be pushed by rotating

– The locks with handles for doors

– Upper and lower locks of the doors

– The anti-latch of locks

– 3D hinges of doors

– Penkit and Pentilt locks for preventing the children from dangers

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