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Our company was founded in 2003 and has been undertaking the activity of the production of plastic windows and doors since 2004 contributing the production of windows of the building constructed not only in Ulaanbaatar city, a Capital of Mongolia, but also, to the buildings and facilities constructed in rural areas and opened “WINDOW MARKET” Store in 2014. The event that the “WINDOW MARKET” Store started supplying the “Pikasan” and “Fornax” brands products of Turkey to the producers of windows and doors has provided us with the opportunity to cooperate with similar factories, small and medium sized entrepreneurs and sellers (totally about 160 companies and individuals in 21 aimags and Ulaanbaatar city) by supplying them with the high quality windows and doors locks and accompanying materials and tools that meet the standard requirements. By opening and operating the store “Window market”, we have been providing about 160 small and medium manufacturers and sellers that undertake the activity of production and sales of plastic windows with the equipment and materials that meet the quality requirements and thus, we are having a good opportunity to cooperate with the similar factories. In April 2016, with the purpose to outreach and come closer to the customers, we opened a branch store in “Zugiin Uur” Trade Center in 100-n ail and another one at the “Khash” Trade Center of Darkhan city in May 2017.

Compared to other countries, our country is peculiar from others by its harsh climatic conditions. Although we live in the harsh weather conditions, we work in order to contribute our shares to create the condition for the customers to live in the comfortable, warm and peaceful houses. So, we have been working by paying continuous attention to produce the plastic windows and doors that do not lose the heating in the cold season, i.e., to the issue of saving the heating of the windows in the cold seasons.

In order to correctly choose the plastic windows, you should pay special attention to the main body parts of the window. The material of the main body of window (PVC) consists of the polymer (composition of food salt and the oil products) and thus, there are no dangers and not harmful to the nature and environment. The materials of plastic windows and doors have the advantages such as keeping the heating in the room, do not let the outside cold airs go into the room, insulate from the noises, does not affected by the external environment, and easy to take care. Besides of that, the main body parts of PVC windows and doors do not lose their properties in any temperatures’ conditions and the synthetic polymers that used to make them have the properties that have the capacity to bear huge amount of pressures and do not change in fluctuations of humidity and temperature. They maintain such properties for the duration of many decades and also, it doesn’t require additional cares and services during all the usage period.

The appearance of plastic windows is also one important factor the same as the reliability. Although some manufacturers produce their products with the nice and shining appearance, those products are not resistant to the outside factors, easily scratched and damaged and also, the appearance is deteriorated and becomes yellowish. The PVC materials we use are resistant to external factors and also, the appearance does not deteriorate and become yellowish and has good indices to keep thermal storage. We, the manufacturer give 5 year guarantee for their products.

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