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The “Window market” store sells and supplies the window and door locks and appliances of the brand “FORNAX” and also, rubber paddings of the brand “PIKASAN” of the Republic of Turkey, profiles of the brand “KRAUSS” of Russian Federation and the “PROFECTION” brand of Mongolia, tightness and sealant glue of the brand “SILANDE” of the People’s Republic of China, and installation foam of the brand “BAZIS” of RF to the plastic windows and doors manufacturers. The FORNAX brand products are started being produced since 2008 and are the products accepted by the world countries and exported to the 56 countries. As for the products,

Types of locks, hinges and latches:

Besides that, we have all sizes from 40 cm to 240 cm. Moreover, we introduce spacers or lining of glasses, self-adhesive straws and additional appliances. PIKASAN rubber paddings greatly influence the window quality. Therefore, we are introducing the high quality rubber paddings of the “Pikasan” brand of Turkey that suit the harsh weather of Mongolia and the Certificate of Conformity of Mongolia. These are the rubber paddings that meet the international quality parameters, resistant in the temperature of -50oC – +50oC with guarantees for 10 years, do not dry-up, break up, and cut off or fracture. KRAUSS – the event that the “KRAUSS” profiles that are invented and mad by adjusting to the harsh weather did not lose its own properties in January of winter when the air temperature in Siberia reached -55oC which shows that this product conforms to the standard requirement of GOST-30673:99 of RF. PROFECTION is the National manufacturer company was founded in 2011 with the proper name of “Metroplast” with the 100% domestic investments and has been undertaking the activities in the directions of production of plastics.


SILANDE. The Silande brand sells its products is about 30 countries such as India, Kazakhstan, Australia, Russia, United Arabian Emirates (Dubai), Great Britain, South Korea, Italy, Japan, and the USA. It has received the quality certificates of ISO9001 and ISO14001. The polysulphide glue MF-840 with the double ingredients and purposed for the sealing or tightness is an environmentally friendly glue that solidifies in the room temperature, do not get deteriorated, does not contain dissolving and boiling mineral chemicals and high adhesive property to the materials such as the glasses, aluminum, and zincified steel and so on.

BAZIS. The “Finess mounting” Company is the manufacturer of building mounting high quality poly-urethane foam with the trade mark BazisTM. This company was founded in 2013 and has been developing sustainably in the market of Russian Federation. All the products of this company are manufactured using the European raw materials and the machinery and equipment under the permanent strict quality control. This brand products have the professional and the similar structures; has low rate of secondary expansions and high adhesive and affixing quality. It is possible to use this product in windows and doors designs, window traverse and affixing, filling the gaps, cracks and hollows and in insulation of heating and noises. Some of the advantages are: High flexibility, not harmful for human health, Resistant to the influences of micro-organisms of surrounding environment, and resistant to the oil, fat, and lubricants.

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