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Our achievements

We have been working by manufacturing the products with high quality and wide ranges of choices meeting the requirements and needs of the customers and regularly seeking for the new things and in 2006, we were awarded by the first “Certificate of Conformity” for plastic windows and doors by the “Products’ Accreditation Department of the Building Architectural Corporation”, in 2007, our company was awarded by the “Special Permission’, a first special permission issued in the window and door production sector of Mongolia. In 2012, we were qualified as the “BEST BUILDING CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL PRODUCER BUSINESS ENTITY” and awarded with the honorary entitlement of the minister of building and construction, was qualified as one of the 10 top business entities of 2012 and in 2010, we were awarded by the ENTITLEMENT OF LEADER OF THE CREATURES AND CONSTRUCTION” by the Association of Windows and Doors Manufacturers.

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